Discover the unique role of your Inner Critic and reclaim your true authentic self! Through movement, writing, visual art and drama we’ll learn which of the six roles your Inner Critic plays most. Your creativity will lead you to name and visualize your Inner Critic, laying the foundation for a better relationship together.


In this experiential course you will be guided by the language of your soul as you progress from 'not so calm', and 'unsure of which way to go and how' - To calm, clear, free, inspired and into the magical ebb and flow of life where you can take part in it the way you long to. This course will guide you across this bridge by using "access points" to your higher knowing including, FLOWER ESSENCES, INSTRUCTIONAL LESSONS, EXPRESSIVE ARTS ENCOUNTERS, and GUIDED MEDITATIONS.


In this course you will connect deeply with your higher self, and spirit guides. You will learn how to initiate these connections, develop your relationship with your Soul and to experience what is beyond the veil through the access point of Guided Imagery.


Need to jumpstart to your spiritual practice? Come on A Little Journey in 5 days, 20 min/day that will offer you tools to navigate back to your Soul Center and back in connection with the loving resources of the Universe. This pre-recorded course can be completed at your own pace.