Listen to Thomas the Spirit Guide tell us about our own personal guides, our pre-planned life goals, and how our guides help and support us with our personal and collective purpose. This is a 10 minute audio interview.


This is a set of 8 separate recorded interviews between Nicole MacDonald and a Spirit Guide named Thomas who speaks through an unconscious channel. Thomas tells us all about our personal Guides and how they operate in our lives while we are human. Thomas also discusses the Coronavirus and the times of change occurring on earth, why and where we are all headed. The topics of ascension and light and dark forces are covered, as well as the exciting and fascinating experiences of Starseeds, Light workers, and other Spirit Guides. Tune in and find out if you could be a Starseed or Light Worker. If I had to gamble I'd say you were one of those!


Purchase a set of 6 audio recordings on several topics channeled by the guides. This audio interview includes 87 minutes of guidance on Health and Healing, Aliens on Earth (now and throughout time), our human origins and design, the level of consciousness we can attain while in human form, life forms on other planets, and the ascended masters. 


The Spirit Guides help us to try to understand how "Time" works in other dimensions as compared to how we experience time here on earth. In the following interview the guides share a spiritual perspective on Life, Death, and what happens between our lives. The human phenomenon of Cults is also discussed in this set. Learn about the secret lives of dolphins and whales, how common Portals are and how they work. Thomas also discussion Ascension Symptoms, "Visitations", and last and most certainly not the least the channel brings through Spirit Mother, our spirit guides of healing and nurturing. Just listening to her will make you feel loved. Join us!