ACCESSING YOUR SOUL: A Guided Meditation Course

In this course you will connect deeply with your Higher Self, and Spirit Guides. You will learn how to make these connections, develop your relationship with your soul and experience what is beyond "the veil". 

***What does 'the veil' refer to? In an inexplicable or concealed place or condition, especially the mysterious state of existence outside the (typical) human life experience.

 Learn how to bring yourself into a state of meditative receptivity where you can calm your entire system, release worries and fears and experience the growing presence of your True Self and Soul.

Receive spiritual guidance, healing and inspiration directly from your Soul and Spirit Guides. Deepen your understanding of who you really are and why you are here at on earth at this time.

 By the end of the course you will have developed a stronger and more readily accessible connection to your vast and ever present inner resources. With this two-way communication enhanced you will be guided and feel connected and calm while you do what you came here to do!

Accessing Your Soul: A Guided Imagery Course Outline

Intro: Meet Nicole! 

Lesson One: Seeding the Ground for Connection 

  1. Creativity & Pretending
  2. Working with Ego
  3. Brain Waves & Trance states 
  4. Higher Senses
  5. Intuition & Channeling
  6. Dark Energy & Protection
  7. Intentions & Dreams

Lesson Two:  Your Animal/Nature Spirit Guide 

  1. Ego & Trance states practice 
  2. Meditation: Meet your Animal/ Nature Guide 
  3. Integrating your experience

Lesson Three: The Higher Self

  1. What is the Higher Self? 
  2. Meditation: Encounter with your Higher Self 
  3. Working with symbols

Lesson Four: Self-Healing

  1. Blocks: wounds and limiting beliefs 
  2. Meditation: The Temple of Healing 
  3. Working with your activated healing energy 

Lesson Five: Spirit Guides

  1. Who are the Spirit Guides? 
  2. Meditation: Communicating with a personal Spirit Guide
  3. Fluid daily interaction with your personal Guides

Lesson Six: Multidimensional Beings 

  1. Multidimensional beings and the Oneness
  2. Meditation: Who you really are 
  3. A Greater Reality

Lesson Seven: Your Life Purpose 

  1. Your purpose & passion 
  2. Meditation: Your True Life Purpose 
  3. Your unique gifts, purpose, and service to Earth

Lesson 8: Your Future Self 

  1. Writing reflection & lucid dreaming  
  2. Meditation: Your Future Self
  3. Your Soul’s Dream


     Creating your own Soul-Scape Collage 

You will know this course is meant for you if you agree with these 4 statements:

Statement #1

I know there is so much more to life that can be readily seen, including the intelligence in the universe, higher spiritual guidance and my own expansive Soul. I want to deepen my conscious connection to it all.

Statement #2

I love to be guided in meditations or am very drawn to do so. I would like a trusted guide to teach me how to go deeper and further in my spiritual growth so it can be an even bigger part of my life.

Statement #3

I want to be able to use my connection to my inner knowing and higher self to make my life easier and more fulfilling; to help me calm and center myself so I can get the inner guidance I need and be able to do the things I love to do.

Statement #4

I know I have an important purpose here (or want to believe I do!) and I want to explore that and be guided in that direction to the absolute fullest.

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ACCESSING YOUR SOUL: A Guided Meditation Course

$258 or 3 payments of $86

by Nicole MacDonald