BRIDGE TO YOUR SOUL: Flower Essences and the Arts Course

In this experiential course you will be guided by the language of your Soul as you progress from 'not so calm', and 'unsure of which way to go and how' - To calm, clear, free, inspired and into the magical ebb and flow of life where you can take part in it the way you long to. This course will guide you across this bridge by using "access points" to your higher knowing including, FLOWER ESSENCES, INSTRUCTIONAL LESSONS, EXPRESSIVE ARTS ENCOUNTERS, and GUIDED MEDITATIONS.

***What's an access point? It's a place where your Soul can enter - A direct invitation to invite Soul in.

Be guided to the Calm and anchored center of your being. From here you can live with more intention.

See clearly what is holding you back by differentiating the voice of fear from the guiding voice of your Higher Self.

Forgive and release the pains and limitations you have carried for far too long. Then there will be "space" for the new to enter.

Discover and reignite the passions that are within you. Return to joy and inspiration.

Experience the magic life can be when you are free from limitations and so aligned with your true path that synchronicity flows and doors fall open to you. 

Want to see for yourself what it's like to Connect with Your Soul...

through Guided Meditation?

through The Arts?

Join us on this FREE short journey where you will explore two of our favorite access points and find yourself in the Realm of Your Soul.


A Guided Meditation with Nicole


A Playful Arts Activity with Adrienne

FREE Mini-course

Bridge to Your Soul: Flower Essences and the Arts Course Outline




  1. Unlocking Fight and Flight Lesson
  2. Essence of Rock Rose
  3. Creative Encounter: Building a Nest & A Nest of Words
  4. Meditation: The Grounding Tree
  5. Homework: Carrying Calm Forward


  1. Ego and Soul Lesson
  2. Essence of Cerato
  3. Creative Encounter: Six Part Story
  4. Meditation: The Golden Cloud
  5. Homework: Compassionate Witnessing


  1. Forgiveness and the Importance of Letting Go Lesson
  2. Essence of Honeysuckle
  3. Creative Encounter: Clay with Your Soul
  4. Meditation: The Temple of Healing Light
  5. Homework: The Growing Space Around You


  1. Passion as a Guide Lesson
  2. Essence of Wild Rose
  3. Creative encounter: A Room for Spirit
  4. The Moving Meditation
  5. Homework: The Feeling of Freedom


  1. The Four Stages of Spiritual Growth Lesson
  2. Essence of Wild Oat
  3. Creative Encounter: Marks of Growth
  4. Meditation: The Water Veil
  5. Homework/Ending: The Language of Your Soul

Meet your trusty Guides...

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"Adrienne is your hopelessly optimistic, overly-excited Cheerleader At Large...and don't think you can do anything without a creative process involved!"

"The only conclusion I can come to is that Nicole has a hidden antenna to the divine inside her...and if she didn't pick up the information she was seeking to share with you, you may not see her again until it's been found!"

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  • The Loveliness

    “I find this course to provide accessible, immediately useful and usable tools that identify, encourage and support who I truly am. Adrienne and Nicole’s gentle openness and passion offer a model of truth and authenticity that has touched me deeply. Thank you for creating this gift for the world. ”



BRIDGE TO YOUR SOUL: Flower Essences and the Arts Course

$495 or 5 payments of $99

by Adrienne Cress & Nicole MacDonald