A creative online course to discover the role of your Inner Critic and reclaim your true authentic self

Unmask the Inner Critic

When the Inner Critic is ruling your life, it can cause more distress than we often realize. 

Learn through Creativity

Deepen into self-awareness through invitations to draw, move, role play and write so we can really see, hear and feel what is motivating our Inner Critics. No prior arts experience necessary!

Discover your True Self

Begin the life-long project and practice of distinguishing your Inner Critic from your True Self.

Create an Inner Critic that lets you be YOU!

Who is running the show: You or your Inner Critic?

When the Inner Critic is ruling your life, it can cause more distress than we often realize. But you were meant to lead your Inner Critic, not the other way around.  Here are some signs that your Inner Critic may be calling the shots:

  • Feelings of shame or guilt
  • Unable to accept compliments
  • Working yourself to exhaustion
  • Wishing you belonged
  • Re-living past mistakes
  • Holding yourself back

Had I known...

My own Inner Critic has a practical tactical brilliance (a little Hamilton reference 😉).  It has so many moves and strategies; some known to me and others that have flown under the radar. Some of them deeply painful and damaging, and others that I can see now have been there to serve me. 





When I was in my teens my Inner Critic never took a break. Debilitated by self-consciousness, my longing to be someone else and my fear of rejection never ceased. This course offers the kinds of answers I wish I had when I was in my teens - to understand what was going on with me and how common it was.

But I didn't have this course then.

So I wish I had this way of seeing things in my twenties - When I worked myself to the bone all day, pushed myself into injuries, all so I could please others.

I remember once when I worked at a university and was invited to present to the Deans and Heads of Faculty. I prepared tirelessly for weeks hoping to achieve some visibility and maybe even a bit of praise, only to be told simply that I had "over-prepared"

But I didn't have this course then.

Oh and if I could have had this resource when I became a mother. When every choice I had to make with my new baby I feared would be the difference between life and death, rarely trusting my natural motherly instincts . How I reviewed and replayed my every action at the end of the day, and guilted myself for every "wrongdoing". 

Now, as I head towards "middle age" I am so thankful I have this way of catching my Inner Critic before it causes me distress. And now that I can discern my Inner Critic thoughts from the gentle callings of my True Self, I can trust that the choices that I'm making are leading me moment-by-moment into a beautiful life that was meant for me.


Module 1: Who is in charge?

Is your Inner Critic a Backseat Driver? A Dictator? Or a Collaborator? 

  • "Is Your Inner Critic Ruling Your Life" Quiz
  • 3 animated video lessons to illustrate the Inner Critic's relationship to Self

Module 2: The Six Roles of the Inner Critic

Discover how the concerns of the Over-Achiever, Drill Sergeant, Wannabe, Withholder, Crime-Stopper and Banisher motivate the thoughts and actions that cause us distress. These video lessons teach your the Six roles through:

  • A series of videos that give you every possible way to learn the six roles: through watching, reading, hearing, moving, and enacting
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Module 3: Your Inner Critic is Unique and so are YOU

We'll get a picture (literally) of your unique Inner Critic and begin the life-long project of distinguishing it from the true and one-and-only you. Two video lessons with:

  • A step-by-step guided creative prompt to draw your Inner Critic
  • Practice exercises to tune into the voice of your True Self
  • The Loveliness

    “An incredible resource for deepening self-awareness. The videos are playful, informative and thought-provoking. Mindful that people have different learning styles, Adrienne skillfully offers a variety of creative approaches on how to absorb this meaningful and profound material. She is a gifted facilitator with a warm and loving approach. Five stars for The Six Roles of the Inner Critic!”


    Expressive Arts Educator

  • The Loveliness

    “I found myself intrigued and pleasantly surprised at how these inner critics show up for me. The coursework was imaginative, fun and truly informative. ”



  • The Loveliness

    “This course offers us a rare opportunity to identify a part of ourselves that likely has great influence in our lives, without us even realizing it! Adrienne gives helpful visuals and practices so we can really see, hear and feel what our critics are all about. It's much easier to understand in this format vs. just reading about it. I have a deeper understanding now.”

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by Adrienne Cress