Begin your 5-day spiritual journey with Art & Nature

Oh! And Goddesses, too!  

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Little Journey

Come on a Little Journey in 5 days, 20 minutes a day, back into the loving arms of your Soul!

Day 1:
Ground & Open with Neurographic Art

Day 2: 

Meet your Goddess (!) through Oracle Cards

Day 3: 

Gather Messages on a Walking Meditation

Day 4:

Raise Your Vibration with found objects and Mantra 

Day 5:

Final Assessment - Is Your Soul Trying to Reach You?

The same spiritual guidance we provide in our therapy rooms:

 Practices to ground and open

 Inviting inner guidance 

 Guided meditation

 Raising your vibration

Nicole MacDonald & Adrienne Cress, online self-compassion course creators

In this course you'll receive:

✔️ A daily email prompt for five consecutive days

✔️ 3 guided video lessons

✔️ A walking meditation recording to take with you

✔️ A Quiz to discover all the ways your Soul is trying to reach you!

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  Self-Paced: One lesson delivered per day that you can enjoy at your own pace.

 Affordable: $29 today and FREE for a friend! Your greatest investment is in yourself. You're worth it!

 For all Creative Types: It’s the process that counts, not the end product! Give yourself permission to PLAY and be guided by your inner voice.

No experience necessary: Whether seasoned or new to your spiritual journey, we’ll meet you right where you’re at!

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Your Goddess is waiting for you...

Hear her messages of guidance & love, NOW!

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