"Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure..."

A favorite poem to many of us Soul Seekers is one written by Marianne Williamson in her 1992 book A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles. This passage is often wrongly identified as having been authored by Nelson Mandela. Whether this quote is new or review for you, I ask that you take a deep breath and take in these statements with your full attention. Imagine that a strong and compassionate female guide is passing on these statements to you knowing it i…

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Synchronicity: Noticing how we are guided from beyond

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Synchronicity is such an exciting and validating experience.

When I notice and allow synchronicity to flow (when I can get the heck out of my own way and be open to the magic) I feel held in the arms of the Oneness. It’s inspiring and allows me to relax. I am part of something greater, not alone. 

Today, in my therapy office I was part of this synchronistic flow with one of my dear clients, Jess.

Jess works for the government. She went to work many years ago with a strong sense of pri…

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Why are people so annoying? Jung Explains

HINT: It has to do with what you see in the mirror

Why are people so annoying

The friend who is always late

The roommate who never washes their dishes

The co-worker who gets away with doing nothing all day


These are the kinds of people that can send you to the store for eggs and toilet paper

Why do THEY get to show up late when YOU skipped breakfast to get there on time?

How is it that THEY are okay with you washing THEIR dishes when YOU never leave yours for anyone else?

Where do THEY get the nerve to flau…

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Life with an Open Palm

One of my favorite stories to share with my clients is the old parable about how to catch a monkey. My Inner Animal Activist always pretends it's not a real story, so feel free to imagine with me.

It goes like this:

In the olden days the hunters would carve a hole into a coconut, empty it out and put some delicious fruit inside.

Then along came the monkey, slipped his hand in and grabbed for the fruit. 

But with the fruit in his tight little fist, the monkey couldn’t pull his hand out of …

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What fills your well?

We humans can be terrible at self-care. I think women often take the cake on this one too. We are well trained multi-taskers

We are taught to DO ALL and FOR ALL.

I know for myself, life often feels like a game I am playing (not to win, really) but to survive! Can I get it all done, meet everyone’s needs, make ends meet, and keep the house and home chores satisfied, while still being happy and positive at the end of the day?!

The answer is typically, “No, I just can’t!”

Honestly, …

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FEAR OF FLYING? Let Soul be your co-pilot

Fear of traveling, especially through the air by plane, is a common problem I hear in my therapy office.

I don’t love flying either. 

The fear of flying is rooted in a feeling of being out of control. Doing something “I usually don’t do” and in the hands of another person, the pilot, and affected by all kinds of unknowns…

Has the airplane been serviced properly?

Is it old and could it break down? 

What about inclement weather?

Has the pilot been drinking?!

Our Ego, the p…

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Open Unimaginable Doors by Doing What You Please

Can you sometimes be your own EVIL STEPMOTHER??

"Clean that up!"

"Get back to work!"

"No, you can't go to the ball!"

Somewhere along the way we started to believe that if we want to be "successful" or of any worth, we need to force ourselves to do things we don't want to do. 'Cause if we don't, how will the bills get paid, the groceries get put away or the floors get cleaned? 

The revolutionary truth is, the opposite is true:

When we go ahead and open the door to that which excites us…

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sustancia sustanciaproject GIF by EmiLi

One of the most fascinating and ultimately comforting things about being a therapist is the ongoing “proof” I get that we are all truly connected. 

I witness this sea of togetherness in THEMES.

Most of the time, it becomes obvious that there is a theme of the week - an issue that many of my clients and even I am dealing with AT THE SAME TIME.

The theme this week is DISCOMBOBULATION

 {Fun word - but not a fun state of being}

and, How did it “show up” this week in the therapy room?

It s…

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Mantra: Our Quick Path to Change

Humans are so much more powerful than they know. Most of us think that it's our personal will, pushing against the physical plane to achieve, but in truth our greatest power is accessed through our energetic selves. 

The easiest way to explain this truth-in-action is with the example of MANTRA. 

When I was on bed-rest for FOUR MONTHS with my first daughter because of threatened preterm labor, I was in a difficult state of mind. My Ego was terrified that I would have my baby TOO ear…

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Crow Medicine: Let Crow Show you the Doorway

Crow has been squawking at us lately. What’s he saying? He’s talking to many of us now. Are you listening?

If the majestic and mysterious crow has been visiting you lately he’s trying to get your attention. It’s Important to heed his call.

Crow medicine directs us to what’s beyond the ordinary and mundane, past what’s concrete and obvious.

Crow calls us into the mysteries of our lives for closer viewing. Use your trusted portals (or learn some) to travel beyond the veil for this deeper view. …

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