Guilt: The Misguided Crime-Stopper

It happened again this morning. I was scraping the ice off the windshield of my car and I noticed this all-too-familiar feeling inside me.

It was part anxiety, part guilt. The ominous feeling that I had done something wrong. 

And I was already punishing myself, imaginary whip in hand, deep in self-flagellation. 😔

Had I actually committed some egregious act? NO! Absolutely not! 

text reads "Guilt, the misguided crimestopper". Image of woman looking at thought bubble filled with rolodex of "2021 wrongs"

But somehow, when I wasn’t paying attention, my psyche had been doing a slow rolodex crawl through the recent his…

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A Message from Mother Whale

whale GIF

[image description: whale swimming in the ocean]

A few years ago my family gave me a special Mother’s Day gift - A Whale Watching trip!

I love the ocean and I love whales and dolphins, so I was thrilled!

Soon after we pushed off the dock I started to get seasick. UGH. 

On this rare opportunity to visit my underwater friends I found myself with my head between my knees! Lifting my eyes up and down as I could tolerate, I saw pods of dolphins jumping and playing in the water.

Ocean Wildlife GIF by BBC America

[image descri…

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The Galactic Center and Your Astrological Chart

What is the Galactic Center in your astrological chart?


I have been fascinated by the Galactic Center. I learned that it was the center of our galaxy, and that those with aspects to it in their natal charts have a powerful ability to bring in Universal wisdom.  I searched the internet for some specific information so that I could apply it in my own and others natal charts, but found very little on the topic. So, I turned to an expert!

I asked Allice Haidden, an astrologer who has been p…

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A Channeled interview with St. Nicholas

Greetings and Happy Holidays!

I asked my 10-year-old son, if he had a chance to ask Santa Claus anything, what would he ask?

At first he said, "I'd ask for an iPad" 😂

But I clarified: "Not to ask anything FROM St. Nick, but ABOUT St. Nick"

Aha! He got it. "I'd ask where he lives, what other names he goes by, and how he gets presents all around the world in just one night"

Santa's legs coming down the chimney

[watercolor image of decorated fireplace with Santa's legs coming down through the chimney. Artwork by Adrienne Cress]…

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We each have life experiences that start to (or attempt to) awaken us at different points in our lifetimes.

Our own Soul has laid out a timeline for these awakenings to occur.

Though we often experience these as spontaneous events, they are well crafted and synchronized to take us along our intended spiritual path.

Sometimes these experiences stand out as “special”, like noticing that our Spirit Guides are speaking to us, finding profound spiritual inspiration while being in nature …

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What is your Vibration Level?

What is your unique Vibrational Frequency? What does your energy SAY? And what does that mean in terms of what you attract?

We each have an energetic vibrational frequency that we emit, which fluctuates. Some like to call it an Aura or a Light-Body. It's typically invisible to the limited human eye. But, Empaths and Sensitives FEEL the energy streaming from others, even if they aren't aware that THAT is what they are picking up!

I always think along these lines when I am in a therapy session…

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Hopi Prophecy

The suffering of our planet is nothing new to those who have been listening with their hearts.

But when the pandemic first introduced itself to humankind and we locked ourselves into our bubbles, we were left to sit in our helplessness, captive audiences of the despair that surrounded us.

This was when the words from a Hopi Prophecy brought me a calm reassurance. They became my life raft in a swirling sea of confusion and abrupt change.

By means of my very survival I spent …

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Ask a friend survey

This is one of my all time favorite writing exercise for Self-exploration and ultimately, Self-compassion and Self-love.

It's the ASK-A-FRIEND SURVEY, by Danielle LaPorte in her fabulous book, The Fire Starter Sessions.

Not realizing our own self-worth, our own gifts and value is an epidemic in women, at least in my therapy room!

Sometimes dislodging a poor self-concept requires the candid truths from our most trusted allies. To take this quiz you'll need to bravely call on that one soul, tha…

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Energy Vampires & The Empath

I don't like the term "energy vampire", but I know folks search for it online because us sensitive types can pick up E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G around us. The good, the bad, and the downright icky! 

Some people are born more “porous” to the energy of the people, animals, plants, or even inanimate objects around them. It can be part of our life purpose to do so. It allows us to “read” the energy at play, which can provide a wealth of information. It can allow us to understand others and situations …

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Are you a teacher avoiding the spot-LIGHT?


Whether you are a professional teacher or not; whether you are aware of it or not, you may be here on Earth to be a teacher to others. Some people have a sense that they are meant to “teach” but retract from that light shining on them because it feels much too risky. Claiming you know “something” and standing up and getting noticed does leave you more vulnerable to:






And NOBODY likes that!

Most of us are actually teachers in some fo…

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