What fills your well?

We humans can be terrible at self-care. I think women often take the cake on this one too. We are well trained multi-taskers

We are taught to DO ALL and FOR ALL.

I know for myself, life often feels like a game I am playing (not to win, really) but to survive! Can I get it all done, meet everyone’s needs, make ends meet, and keep the house and home chores satisfied, while still being happy and positive at the end of the day?!

The answer is typically, “No, I just can’t!”

Honestly, I find it hard to turn to what I REALLY want to do, and then actually do it. It’s difficult for me to shift gears into “me mode”. 

And while in the process of shifting to a lower gear, my Ego likes to chime in about what I really SHOULD be doing.

You should figure how to handle the broken garage door, or make that appointment, or be working, or helping so and so...

(omg, that’s so frustrating)

Can you relate at all? 

So many things become imbalanced when we don’t regularly shift-down into a non-doing state, to a “being” state.

We can become exhausted physically and mentally...

Health issues crop up, anxiety can flare, boredom sets in with this lack of inspiration, lack of playfulness and joy. 

That’s a stop-drop-and-roll moment. But because we often live like this for so long, for so many years straight, we may stop noticing how severe the imbalance is. We forget what joy and play even feel like. 

That’s why it feels so strange and even UNCOMFORTABLE when we try to go back to our true selves; why the stillness can initially be repelling.

But we just HAVE TO find our way back to ourSELVES.

What can we each do??

MAKE A LIST! I love lists. I love writing! Writing is an access point to our inner world, our SOUL.

First, imagine a beautiful hand made vessel. Make it of clay in your mind. Sculpt it, spin it into form. Paint it the color/s you love, and add any adornments.

Now see it in your minds-eye. Picture it there with light streaming from it. See it tucked away in nature, on a pristine beach, or shrouded in beautiful textiles. See it however your Soul show’s it to you. 

This is your well. This is where you store your essence. If it is bone dry, then you have to now make yourself priority #1. It’s just that simple. You are parched.

If it isn’t full, then you have work to do to replenish it and keep it full. 

Time for your list…

(have paper and pen handy)

Close your eyes and imagine one at a time, the things that fill your well. The things you have done in the past that have been fulfilling, replenishing, inspiring, relaxing, balancing, enhancing….Take time and let each activity float to the top of your mind and into view.

As you recall them, jot each one down on your paper.

Close your eyes again, and allow ideas flow into your mind about what you might want to do to fill your well, things that you hadn’t thought of before...or things that you have wished to do before but haven’t. 

Write everything down. Go slowly. Allow your Soul to remind you what those precious things are.

After you are done spending time at the site of your well, and the foundation of the life you could have, come back to your paper and read through your list.

Notice the things that feel powerful and really should be part of your life. Circle those. Notice the things that are pretty basic and easy to make time for that you don’t do enough of. Make note of those on your paper too.

See the list of ideas from some other Ladybugs below and notice if these ideas remind you of things that might want to be on your list. 😊

Complete your list. You may want to rewrite it with colors you like and neat handwriting or type and print it out.

NOW, we want to ask you if you can give priority to your own well-filling going forward. 

What do you say?? :)

Remember that if you don’t take care of yourself in the picture of your life then you won’t have the joy and inspiration that you came here to Earth to experience. And, you might have a life filled more with physical and mental problems instead. We don’t want that for you!

Let’s all agree that we will make our well-filling lists and promise to always include these in our MUST DO lists. We need to have the nourishment for ourselves if we are going to keep on giving to everyone and everything else :).

Love, Nicole & Adrienne (1)
Nicole MacDonald is the Co-Founder of The Loveliness.
She is a licensed therapist and herbalist, and enthusiast of all things Spiritual. 

*All personal stories are shared with clients' permission and all names have been changed to uphold confidentiality. 

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