To my fellow over-GIVING moms...



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To my fellow moms who lean long into giving…loving too much?

Am I speaking to you?

I know we are a large tribe. Yet, we don’t always find each other for support. But boy, when we do it makes such a big difference. Even just one voice can reach us. Maybe this message will find you and give you a cradle of relief, of affirmation. I do hope.

My friend sent me a text recently saying that she had passed out and got a concussion during a long stretch (12 years) of her dedicated loving of her daughter, and feeling it all. This was an increasingly drastic wake-up-call that her Higher Self was sending. Thank goodness she is a highly spiritual listener. She heard the pressing call of her Soul to make a change, to remember herself, to recognize she had left herself out of her life picture.

We suffer alongside our kids who struggle socially; who suffer emotionally. It feels like we may even feel their pain more deeply then they do and find that we carry those pains with the straps of the heavy load digging deeply into our shoulders.  

I get wake up calls too. 

For a long stretch of time I would see a picture in my minds-eye of myself in the ring with a bull, cornered. There was nothing I could do, but I stood there paralyzed asking over and over, “what do I do”?  My experience with my child at that time was that they were in danger and I was finding no way to stop it. Yes, it was as agonizing as it sounds! What I finally realized, when I was able to look at this image as a loving message from beyond, was that I needed to let go and face “death” - a symbolic death. I had to let my child have her experience and stop trying to prevent what I did not have the power to stop.

Have you heard these kinds of calls? 

Do you ever notice that they are gifts of love and not just one more straw to break the back? 

I would like to plant this seed today. Because I feel your pain and I care beyond measure about my co-moms in the extraordinary loving job we do. Make sure you ask yourself what the “call” would say if it were coming from a loving and guiding higher source. Listen with your spiritual ear.


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