Mantra: Our Quick Path to Change

Humans are so much more powerful than they know. Most of us think that it's our personal will, pushing against the physical plane to achieve, but in truth our greatest power is accessed through our energetic selves. 

The easiest way to explain this truth-in-action is with the example of MANTRA. 

When I was on bed-rest for FOUR MONTHS with my first daughter because of threatened preterm labor, I was in a difficult state of mind. My Ego was terrified that I would have my baby TOO early and lose her. I had a very difficult time trusting that all would be well. As I lied in bed hour after hour my anxiety rose, eventually leading to the point that I had contractions.

Until I tried Mantra, that is.

A Mantra is a statement we can say (or think) to ourselves that carries the "vibration" of the state of being that we wish to be in. Sometimes it's the polar opposite of the vibration we have BEEN carrying, living in. 

For me, the belief that "my baby is in danger" was that polarity. I needed to believe, feel, KNOW that all was WELL inside.

Therefore, my mantra became "ALL IS WELL IN MY WOMB". It's important that you not make your mantra a statement that requires that you "do something" to be able to arrive at the desired state of being. For example, "All WILL be well in my womb". It needs to be stated in the present tense: All 'IS' well in my womb!

You can make this easy for yourself if you start your mantra off with "I AM". 

"I am Abundant"

"I am Worthy"

"I am Secure"

"I am Beautiful"

"I Am Free"

One of my clients created a Mantra for herself recently, "I Am Established", because the feeling of being the opposite of that state of being had been the vibration she had been carrying, and suffering because of, for the previous many years.

With your Mantra you are commanding that you are THIS now, (not THAT).

"All is well in my womb" RIGHT NOW!

After I started using my mantra, saying it several times a day, and using it every time I had a wave of panic or contractions, I only had to start to say my mantra -"All is..." and the panic subsided and the contractions STOPPED. I kid you not.

This is so powerful. You can shift your state of being. You really really can!

So...if this is TRUE that I can change my state of being, my body, my reality, then what does that tell us about HOW MUCH we are actually in control of as humans, what we have the power to create in our lives?!


There are endless ways that we can shift our vibration to a more preferred one. Mantra is a very direct route we can use. The Expressive Arts, Guided Imagery, and Plant Medicine are also ways that we have talked about before (and we will always be talking about!) because they also bring us to these uplifted states of being where we can make dramatic changes in our lives just by doing something we enjoy doing!

You can try out guided imagery and expressive arts on your own when you sign up for our FREE mini-course.

Love, Nicole & Adrienne (1)
Nicole MacDonald is the Co-Founder of The Loveliness.
She is a licensed therapist and herbalist, and enthusiast of all things Spiritual. 

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