A Channeled Interview with Venus

We often think about love as a feeling: love for others, love for yourself.

But there's another sort of love that is not a human feeling.

Love that is a universal truth.

Love that is an energetic source.

Love that keeps our souls alive

It's the oxygen all around us that is there to nurture our connection to one another!

It's this kind of love that we got to explore in this special interview with Venus, the Goddess of LOVE.

We got to speak with Venus through an unconscious channel and are excited to share our discussion with you!

illustrated interpretation of Botticelli's Venus in watercolor

Your name is associated with both a goddess and a planet, so which are you, a goddess or a planet?

That’s the beauty of not having time and space. I am both!

What’s your connection to the planet Venus?

It is my source. It is where all the love comes from for me. At different times when I was incarnated on Earth I knew that I could always get more love from Venus. That it was a never-ending source.

Could that be true for us living on Earth as well? And how might we connect to that source on our own?

Absolutely. If you start thinking of yourself as being love, you automatically plug into that planet. As humans it’s very common to get caught up with, “I want to be in love, I want to feel love, I want to give love”. But rarely do humans say “I am love”. So when you start doing that the connection with the planet grows. And it gives you a never ending supply of energy and love.

That’s beautiful! On a day like Valentine’s day, what kind of messages or reminders might you have for us?

On a day like Valentine's Day, stop everything you are doing and look at your loved ones. Are you being with them in love? Really focus on them and being with them. So much of your time, many humans do things for love or because of love, when in fact being physically present with the person that you love is the greatest gift you can give them. So stop all the madness. In many ways it’s become a competition. You have to get the most expensive gifts or do the most romantic thing. Instead, take this day and just stop and be. Go within yourself, and with the people you love, and don't try to outdo each other or second guess, but just experience what is already there.

For many people Valentines Day can conjure up feelings of sadness and loneliness, especially in comparison to the displays of love that are happening around them. Are there any messages or reminders for folks who are feeling this way?

What they’re feeling is of being separated. So reconnect with the love within yourself. When you look around and see all of these displays and feel left out or not worthy or somehow not a part of it you can look inside and find that love within you and give it to yourselves. Connecting with their Spirit Guides and with the Light, it brings it all back for them. They don’t feel that separation - that being left out in the cold feeling.

I’m wondering about what Venus was like to live on and how that contrasts to what Earth is like. How could we transform Earth to be more like a planet of Love?

On Venus, because it is a planet of love, all beings there display that. When they look around, if they see a flower starting to wilt, they know to give it love. And on Earth so much of the way the human beings react is looking around and saying “what’s in it for me, what can I get from this?” So they’re not coming from a place of love. And on Venus the love is very nurturing and very connected. There’s not a great deal of change on Venus because the beings there aren't looking to be 'in love' or to find love because they know they 'are love'. So it’s more of a constant. A constant energy, if you will.

the words "i am love" painted in three different watercolors

You’re also known on our planet as being the Goddess of the Feminine. So can you tell us about the qualities of the feminine that are most needed on Earth right now and how to bring that into the context of such a strong patriarchal system?

On Earth that the feminine qualities, that energy, needs to be more active. The feminine has the ability to put things in motion, and better things. Overall they have been trained to lag behind. And it’s time to stop that. Take that love that you have and let it out. Let it work for you, let it accomplish things.

Within the feminine, you create life within your own bodies. And you experience such a very special kind of love. When you give birth, don’t let that love go. Hang onto that. It’s still there. You can make it work for you.

When you’re confident in your love for yourself and you know that you 'are love', you’re not just a product of love. That gives you very special gifts. It enables you to see pain in others that many cannot. It gives you the tools to alleviate that pain, to bring others back into the awareness of love and what it means.

That seems like the most powerful component of this message: the power of being of love and creating and being able to identify when people are suffering and bring love to them. I’m also hearing in your message about love as a source of creation.

Yes, and that’s a very important part of it. You have the ability to take that love and make new things with it.

Can you give us an example of love in action like that, something created from love that has this kind of power you are talking about?

When you look around you while you are coming from a place of love, that is what you see all around you. You don’t judge, you don’t question. You may see things that you don’t understand but you’re still able to love others, which is very important. And to create something from love. ..  in so many places around the planet the feminine is doing this. Creating shelters. There are a lot of homeless people on the planet, a lot of separated people. And they (those acting from the feminine) are using their love to create places where they can come together and all that’s expected of them is to be love.

How can our ladybugs who are reading this interview with you know when you are present. Whether that’s a symbol or a sensation or some other tangible message. How can we all know that you’re letting us know you are with us?

When I am with you your heart will expand. You will feel this intense love. And you can know that that’s me, that I’m being with you and I’m sharing.

So if they call on you and they feel it in their heart, then that’s confirmation that you’re there.


Do you have any symbols you like to use to communicate?

I would think the butterfly. I think they’re all beautiful. They’re a perfect example of the changes beings go through. Being love, a butterfly loves all stages of its existence. It is never in an ugly stage and its never in a separated place. It’s always in love, or IS love.

watercolor illustration of a ladybug and a butterfly on the same cone flower

And I think ladybugs and butterflies can be good friends, don’t you?

Oh yes, absolutely!

Anything else for our ladybugs before we go?

I think it would be a fun experiment for humans, even just for a couple of hours, to go through your existence and keep telling yourself during that time, “I am love, I am love, I am love” and see how it changes what’s happening around you and within you.

Why not? I can’t think of any reason why not to! Thank you so much, Venus. We’ll be feeling you in our hearts!

I will be with you. 💓


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Love, Nicole & Adrienne (1)


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