We each have life experiences that start to (or attempt to) awaken us at different points in our lifetimes.

Our own Soul has laid out a timeline for these awakenings to occur.

Though we often experience these as spontaneous events, they are well crafted and synchronized to take us along our intended spiritual path.

Sometimes these experiences stand out as “special”, like noticing that our Spirit Guides are speaking to us, finding profound spiritual inspiration while being in nature or through a religious or spiritual text, image or story.

Other times awakening occurs after a traumatic event in our lives. This is because these events need to be powerful enough to wake us from our sleep!

My awakening began when I was 18, when I became very interested in metaphysics. 

The information I learned through books, and by attending channeling groups felt like “home”.

I followed my interests, finding that each next step along my path flowed into the next opportunity. My spiritual connection grew very quickly from that point forward.

That doesn’t mean that LIFE wasn’t and isn’t hard. Earth is HARD. But the wisdom and community I had access to was my life raft.

I could always return to my spiritual center to find the guidance and love I needed through all the twists and turns that human life inevitably delivers.

If you want to become spiritually awakened, or MORE awake, let me offer some tips!

1. You are already on your path just in your seeking. The fact that you are looking for methods and direction; the fact that you are looking to open to your Soul, means that you already are in the process of becoming. Seek and you SHALL find.

2.  Explore the things that speak to YOU. We are all unique, and what calls to someone else may not be your “vibe”. Spirit is not purposely keeping anything from you. There isn’t some magic formula that only a priest or other religious leader knows, from whom you must get the passcode! Spirit and Guides don’t only speak to those who are "blessed". Spirit is present and accessible to EVERYONE. PERIOD. You just need to start checking things out that feel interesting, and the more you do that, the closer you will be to your Soul, to what’s beyond the Veil. 

[What’s “the Veil”? An inexplicable or concealed place or condition, especially the mysterious state of existence outside the (typical) human life experience.]

One of my favorite things to do is to sit on the floor in front of the metaphysical section of a bookstore and pull out book after book, flipping through to see which ones call to me. The loudest “call” is when a book speaks my language 👉 when it feels right and true, and I feel excited to learn more. (In other words, my vibration was raised by the high vibration that the book carries. Read more about the vibration in everything here). I’d pick my favorites and then devour them when I got home...or to the car, if I couldn't wait! 🤓

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Explore everything that calls to you. It could be attending a workshop or meetup group, getting a card reading, astrology or psychic reading, going/listening to a channeling, creating art, or pulling off the road to explore a beautiful tree. You name it! Here’s a message from a Spirit Guide you can listen to for free IF IT CALLS TO YOU! Listen Now

3. Surround yourself with other people who lift you up, and share your interests. You will help raise each other's consciousness! If you don’t have friends like this - THAT IS OK. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU. You are just in the process of awakening and this is one of the growing pains. We often have to reassess how much energy we are willing to put into relationships that ultimately bring us down. As you allow yourself to direct your energy where you wish, you WILL start to allow people into your life who better match who you are becoming! Blog: Energy Vampires & The Empath

4. Check yourself if “unworthiness” is holding you back. You are not alone if you are a spiritual seeker AND you have a sense of unworthiness lurking behind the scenes. This false belief tells you that you aren’t spiritually advanced enough for this group or that class, or that you’re undesirable in some other way! If you have one of these “parts”, see if you can offer it some encouragement. Honest to goodness, we ALL deserve to be enlightened, AKA being filled with light! We need to let more light in for the good of EVERYONE. Others will benefit from your light if you can really house it. The whole planet will raise its collective consciousness if we can all get together in a big house of light! 

5. Find new vices. If you use alcohol, food, shopping, gossiping, or anything else with a low vibration to avoid what’s REAL - ie, hard emotions or thoughts - acknowledge what you are doing and use other methods to process and confront anything that needs your compassionate and wise attention. Try using guided meditation, self-massage, creative projects, a journal, talking to a friend, seeing a therapist, soaking in a bath, sitting and watching nature, stretching, pulling an oracle card, or anything else that will actually RAISE your vibration and not pull you down further when you are feeling low or stressed.

We have each come to Earth with a plan and spiritual guides. If you simply follow what is calling you, what intrigues you and holds a spark you will be given all the opportunities you need to fill yourself and the world with light!


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Nicole MacDonald is the Co-Founder of The Loveliness.
She is a licensed therapist and herbalist, and enthusiast of all things Spiritual. 

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