The Inner Critic

It Takes an Inner Village: You and Your Many Parts

It Takes an Inner Village: You and Your Many Hearts. sillhouette of four women at sunset

This morning I found myself in an unexpected argument with my husband. 😬

It was supposed to be a mildly mundane conversation about our schedule wherein I offer to take on more time with our children. But all of a sudden he's upset with me and I'm completely baffled. 

I'm convinced that I'm acting from my pure and perfect True Self, that he's rejecting me and that something therefore must be wrong with him. 

My conclusion? He's help-rejecting. He's not really listening. He's projecting onto …

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Befriending Time: MacGyver Style

clock with image of hand holding paperclip. text reads Befriending Time, MacGyver Style

Time is one of those concepts that would likely implode our brains if we ever fully grasped it. All my brain can manage to hold onto is a collection of little stories that secretly hold the definitions of time.

One of these stories comes from the show MacGyver, a 1980's American television program I loved to watch as a child. It was about a hunk of a man with a feathered mullet who always seemed to find himself in a room with a ticking time bomb. And yet, as the seconds counted down, he resou…

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Are you a STARSEED?

Do you feel a longing for a far away home?

Do you feel inherently comfortable with topics like outer space beings, altered states of consciousness, or metaphysics?

Do you experience feeling "different" from most others?

Do you often find human behavior to be perplexing and counter-intuitive, "Why do they do that?!"

Do you seem to have an extrasensory awareness - seeing through situations and people to a deeper knowing? 

If these questions touched on a deep inner knowing YOU MIGHT BE A STA…

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Guilt: The Misguided Crime-Stopper

It happened again this morning. I was scraping the ice off the windshield of my car and I noticed this all-too-familiar feeling inside me.

It was part anxiety, part guilt. The ominous feeling that I had done something wrong. 

And I was already punishing myself, imaginary whip in hand, deep in self-flagellation. 😔

Had I actually committed some egregious act? NO! Absolutely not! 

text reads "Guilt, the misguided crimestopper". Image of woman looking at thought bubble filled with rolodex of "2021 wrongs"

But somehow, when I wasn’t paying attention, my psyche had been doing a slow rolodex crawl through the recent his…

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