Animal Medicine

A Message from Mother Whale

whale GIF

[image description: whale swimming in the ocean]

A few years ago my family gave me a special Mother’s Day gift - A Whale Watching trip!

I love the ocean and I love whales and dolphins, so I was thrilled!

Soon after we pushed off the dock I started to get seasick. UGH. 

On this rare opportunity to visit my underwater friends I found myself with my head between my knees! Lifting my eyes up and down as I could tolerate, I saw pods of dolphins jumping and playing in the water.

Ocean Wildlife GIF by BBC America

[image descri…

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Crow Medicine: Let Crow Show you the Doorway

Crow has been squawking at us lately. What’s he saying? He’s talking to many of us now. Are you listening?

If the majestic and mysterious crow has been visiting you lately he’s trying to get your attention. It’s Important to heed his call.

Crow medicine directs us to what’s beyond the ordinary and mundane, past what’s concrete and obvious.

Crow calls us into the mysteries of our lives for closer viewing. Use your trusted portals (or learn some) to travel beyond the veil for this deeper view. …

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