Are you a STARSEED?

Do you feel a longing for a far away home?

Do you feel inherently comfortable with topics like outer space beings, altered states of consciousness, or metaphysics?

Do you experience feeling "different" from most others?

Do you often find human behavior to be perplexing and counter-intuitive, "Why do they do that?!"

Do you seem to have an extrasensory awareness - seeing through situations and people to a deeper knowing? 

If these questions touched on a deep inner knowing YOU MIGHT BE A STARSEED!

Let me paint you a picture...


[Image of outer-space and trails of light streaming from a flying object]

Imagine a bus traveling throughout our vast Universe (metaphor compliments of Allice Haidden, Astrologer) that is picking up all the beings who are willing to come to help a planet in distress called Earth. Earth needs to raise its collective vibrational consciousness before the beings on the planet perish. The willing and the curious get on board. Many of these beings have a personal experience of being on a planet where tremendous life was lost. They know the anguish and want to help! 

All Aboard!

So, these Souls came to Earth born into human bodies, and have one collective mission in common - TO RAISE THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS OF EARTH BEINGS. Well, only for those beings who need to be collectively awakened - Humans!

Are Starseeds born ‘awake’ to who they are and what their mission is?

Usually not right away, and sometimes not ever. And, they can feel very frustrated when they can feel a calling but can't seem to find clarity about their calling. But the veil of remembering (who they really are) tends to grow thinner during the course of a lifetime.

Awakenings are preplanned by the soul, and may be subtle, like stumbling upon a sacred text, or meeting a “messenger” that imparts something (words, a feeling, an experience) that hits a chord and stirs something inside. Some wake-up interventions are quite dramatic, like a personal loss, an accident or even a visit from a Spirit Guide. When the awakening is a jolt this big, it isn’t uncommon to also receive specific direction towards ones life purpose.

For example, a health crisis might lead to a study of alternative medicine, and the subsequent dissemination of information and healing to others. How many people do you know of who went through something challenging and emerged to become dedicated to a cause? 

A challenging experience may hold clues and give direction to how you can be of specific needed service on Earth. What was it that got you through the a tough time - art, music, technology, community, nature? Those may indeed be the answers for HOW to manifest your calling.

Once awakened, Starseeds have a difficult time having what they consider to be "meaningless" conversations. Does small talk feel like a struggle to you? Because Starseeds know there is so much MORE to life than just doing a boring job all week, having a few beers on the weekend, and starting all over again on Monday. 

And HOW do Starseeds help raise the collective consciousness?

Each Starseed carries a distinct vibration that radiates from them, regardless of their thoughts, lifestyle or how awake they are. This vibration positively influences those around them. This might make you think that everyone would therefore be drawn to them, and many are! However, some feel uncomfortable in that high frequency because it feels strange, but also because of the Starseeds hidden Antenna.

And what, pray tell, is a Starseed Antenna?

Starseeds commonly have profound intuitive abilities whether they realize it or not. They pick up on both wanted and very unwanted energy around them, and are innately empathic. Hence, the hidden Antenna! 

Is it easy for Starseeds to be in a human body on such a dense plane as Earth?

No! And Starseeds tend to struggle with Earth's limitations. Most Starseeds are from much less dense planets where they had fluid bodies or even light bodies, and where the Veil between the physical and the spirit world was thin. Imagine being born into a physical human body after that!

But if Starseeds awaken and learn to hear clearly the language of their Soul this awareness can be a life-raft while they traverse the terrain of Earth and do their important work.

If these words are speaking RIGHT TO YOU here are some tips to survive, and thrive on Earth. 

Find your tribe, find the other folks who came to Earth on that same bus! 

illustration of "Galactic Buslines" carrying aliens with destination Earth

[illustration of "Galactic Buslines" carrying aliens with destination Earth]

How?! Follow your passion. Say “yes” to opportunities that call you from that deep place inside. Push yourself in the direction of those things that you personally find compelling, even if they are “weird” or very different than what most others are open to. When you follow this trail you’ll find others who are like you along the way!

Don't keep repeating to yourself how weird you you don't fit in... how you're just not like other people...why can't life be easy for me too?

Take the words in this writing to heart, know that you are not alone, and though challenging you have purposefully come to Earth for an important reason - to bring your vibe here. Shine on!

Be conscious of the darkness here. 

Notice when you get weighted down by negative beliefs or anything (true or not!) that drags you down. Tune into whatever is affecting you negatively, and pull yourself out! There is darkness at play on Earth, but you can't meet your mission if you stay tangled in the shadows.

Seek out spiritual wisdom that speaks to you.

You can do that at The Loveliness. Listen to some of our Thomas the Spirit Guide interviews. There is one about STARSEEDS in the bundles that are available for immediate access. Here’s a free one to sample that is all about Spirit Guides!

Take workshops on a topic that speaks your Starseed Language.

Consider our course Bridge to Your Soul: Flower Essences & The Arts and learn to hear the guidance of your Starseed Spirit, or try my Accessing Your Soul: Guided Meditation Course if you want to dive right into what's beyond the Veil of Remembering who you really are!

***And if you resonated with the PURPOSE of the Starseeds but you don't feel "otherworldly" so much, stay tuned for our upcoming blog about LIGHT WORKERS and listen to the Spirit Guide bundle that talks about both Starseeds and The Lightworkers if you just can't wait!

Nicole MacDonald is the Co-Founder of The Loveliness.
She is a licensed therapist and herbalist, and enthusiast of all things Spiritual. 


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