A Message from Mother Whale

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[image description: whale swimming in the ocean]

A few years ago my family gave me a special Mother’s Day gift - A Whale Watching trip!

I love the ocean and I love whales and dolphins, so I was thrilled!

Soon after we pushed off the dock I started to get seasick. UGH. 

On this rare opportunity to visit my underwater friends I found myself with my head between my knees! Lifting my eyes up and down as I could tolerate, I saw pods of dolphins jumping and playing in the water.

Ocean Wildlife GIF by BBC America

[image description: Pod of dolphins jumping out of an ocean wave]

I stayed on the top level of the boat for as long as I could stand but as a last resort I headed down to the lower level where the rocking of the boat might be less extreme and I could experience some relief. 

Once below, I noticed a whale breaching the water. Omg, it was so close to the boat! 20 feet away, maybe! The whale lay sideways in the water and began slapping her large fin up and down against the water. Though nauseous, I became mesmerized by her presence. I’d never been so close to such a creature. I felt sure she was communicating with us. 

[image description: Humpback Whale fin breaching the water]

This water slapping went on for a few minutes. When she dove back down underwater and I returned to myself, I realized that my nausea was GONE

She had sensed my suffering, because that is one of her great powers. She sent energy to heal me…and probably many others on the boat who she could sense needed healing of some kind.

Mother Whale has been one of my Spirit Guides.

She is a great healer. 

She can hear and sense what most other beings can’t. 

She reminds me of the way we can also heal ourselves and others. 

She reminds me that we are all connected, like the drops of water that make up the Ocean. 

She is both strong and gentle, intuitive and wise. 

She is said to be a “floating library” carrying our memories of ancient times.

Whale found me again today when I needed to tap into my spiritual guidance team, and pulled the Whale oracle card. I drew from of my favorite and first card deck I ever used, Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals, by Jamie Same and David Carson. 

Since you are reading this now, I suspect that Whale is your Guide, too, and she has this message for you:

Remember who you really are, where you come from, your true origin. Know that you are part of a great loving and healing collective force. If you find yourself being split off into one polarized group or another, or feeling cast out altogether, rejoin this goodness in the healing waters with Mother Whale. Then, find your voice, the part that you are meant to express. Who would you be if you were held and healed by great Mother Whale? What could you do with your unique gifts? If you’re not sure what those are, meditate with Mother Whale, soak in the bath and ask her to share her wisdom with you.

[image description: Humpback whale breaching the water at sunset]

Whether or not whale is your personal totem animal, may Mother Whale’s spiritual medicine find you today! 🤍 🐳 🤍

If you would like to learn more about Mother Whale, but also Dolphins and many other fascinating topics consider purchasing this interview and learn from Thomas the Spirit Guide who comes through Maddie, and unconscious channel.

Nicole MacDonald is the Co-Founder of The Loveliness.
She is a licensed therapist and herbalist, and enthusiast of all things Spiritual. 

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