A Channeled interview with St. Nicholas

Greetings and Happy Holidays!

I asked my 10-year-old son, if he had a chance to ask Santa Claus anything, what would he ask?

At first he said, "I'd ask for an iPad" 😂

But I clarified: "Not to ask anything FROM St. Nick, but ABOUT St. Nick"

Aha! He got it. "I'd ask where he lives, what other names he goes by, and how he gets presents all around the world in just one night"

Santa's legs coming down the chimney

[watercolor image of decorated fireplace with Santa's legs coming down through the chimney. Artwork by Adrienne Cress]

We were BLESSED with the chance to ask these questions and more, through an unconscious channel. Here is our interview with St. Nicholas for you to enjoy:


Where do you live?

In the Light

Do you have any other names or are there any other Guides that you work with closely that are also linked with Christmas?

I think Christmas is special to all of the Guides. It was a big turning point for humanity. And I have many different names in many different languages [i.e. Father Christmas, Miracle Man, Grandfather Frost, Nicolo, Sinterklaas, etc]. 

What can you tell us ladybugs about the life you had on Earth?

It was magical. It was wonderful. Being human is very difficult but when you look back on it, there's so much beauty in it. Just so much openness. 

Can you share the story of your involvement in Christmas?

My involvement really was that I was a witness to things. Christmas is so much more than the birth of Jesus. Every Christmas is an opportunity. It's like humanity is born again. It's a chance to become what you want to be. To really look at and feel what's important to you. Christmas is a time when you really listen to your Soul and it really opens up and gives you back your power. It gives you back your awareness. It gives you a chance to feel the love. The first Christmas, the veil was gone. Humans could look at each other and see the Light and see the Love. And that really spoke to them and brought them closer together. 

[watercolor image of newborn baby and eight lit candles. Artwork by Adrienne Cress]

So do you mean that Christmas was initiated by the birth and gifts of Jesus on Earth and this is a reminder of that?

I think it's more than a reminder. I think it's a second chance to put aside things you've done in the past and from that point going forward to be more in the Light. To be more aware of the Oneness and to see it around you. And that is very difficult for humans. It may sound like a simple thing: all you have to do is think of the Light and be in the Light. But being human, you get pulled back into the boxes that you've been put in. And you get so involved in your day-to-day activities that that slips away from you. But then Christmas comes around again and you have another chance to start again.

How does that chance start again?

On Christmas day the veil is thinned considerably. So that for the humans that care to look there is so much more to see. And we do that, the ones in the Light. All of the beings in the light at this time are moving the Veil, moving it away from you and making things clearer. It's an opportunity. We see at that time that humans are more accepting. If we were to do that frequently, or even on a daily basis, it would become madness for humans. It's too much. But for doing it at Christmas time, for those few hours, a lot of people change their paths on Christmas Day. They see so much more potential and they understand so much more. 

For some people this day can bring up a lot of difficulties. There are a lot of family dynamics or financial struggles highlighted during the holidays. Is there anything you can share with folks who are struggling about how to navigate this time of year?

I think they're struggling because there's an awareness in them of what could be. And so it makes them so disappointed with what is. It creates such a longing, almost a homesickness. And so they struggle through it. It can be very difficult. No matter what they're seeing around them, no matter what's happening, they're aware that there's so much more and there's so much more love, and not all of this competition and conflict that they're seeing around them.  

And now for the age-old question: How do you bring gifts all over the world in just one night?

When you remove the Veil and hearts open up, the gifts are there. 

[line drawing of two hearts bookending a present. Artwork by Adrienne Cress]

 May you find the gift of a new beginning today!

Love, Nicole & Adrienne (1)

[photo of Nicole & Adrienne in front of a barn door decorated for the holidays]

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