How Sticky types get Unstuck!

Do you ever get stuck, like really stuck? Where you just can’t get your body - your energy - UP in order to take any action beyond the “must dos” in your life? It can feel like paralysis. You know that you should take some action, little or big, but you just can’t break the stasis.

Not everyone will relate to this experience. It belongs to a subset of us who are “centered” in a way which inclines us to get stuck in a thinking and feeling cycle. To be sure you are part of this subset (with me) you will relate to the experience of thinking about life stuff (big or small) and then having an emotion arise as a result of that thought…and then a new thought brings a new feeling, etc. It can happen in reverse, as well. You have an emotion about something. It could be a sense of overwhelm, a longing, a fear, love, bliss or any other emotion, which is followed by thoughts about that feeling, which then goes on to cycle back and forth. And it continues, all without “action”.

It creates a looping dynamic inside - feel to think, then to think to feel. And after you’ve cycled through several times it doesn’t feel so good 😒

Sometimes when I’m in it, I feel like a sleuth who will figure out the right and best solution at the end, and then I’ll feel some mastery and assuredness. And I sometimes do!


…what I needed to do, what I really actually knew I needed to do at an earlier point prior to so many loops, was to take some kind of action. To just get moving! That’s when the alternating thought-feel bubble can burst and let me out! 😀

This is the hard part though, because the moving part is the furthest away for us, the most unnatural. You may notice people around you who just MOVE and DO as an instinct (They don’t always process their feelings or think through things though, and we prize that!).

The truth is, that we won’t lose any of the prior if we venture to the latter. But how?

I got you! 🐞❤️🐞

1. Observe yourself. Notice that you are cycling through thoughts and feelings, perhaps obsessively, and identify where taking some sort of action, big or small, is REALLY the thing you need.

You might need to just get out there and start taking those walks or use your gym membership, clean your house, or finally make plans to get together with that friend who’s been asking. It could also be a big thing you need to act on, like quit your unfulfilling job, stop eating junk and commit to health, or move out of a bad living situation. 

2. Write about it. Once you’ve noticed the looping cycle that you’re in [picture yourself spinning around in the washing machine with your clothes!] write about your new awareness, and make a decision about a first action you can take towards what is truly needed and TAKE IT!

3. Get a friend or family member to hold you accountable. Admit to them that you’ve been stuck and tell them what you plan to do about it. Voicing your truth outside of yourself “counts” as an Action

4. Just do SOMETHING. It doesn't have to be THE THING, that bigger harder thing that you KNOW you need to do. You can just do a little thing that is seemingly unrelated, something easy for your Ego. Like just take a walk, go to a plant nursery if you love plants and be around them, plan a day trip, get out your markers and paper and just doodle. It’s about moving stuck energy. So, it doesn’t matter if the action you take is directly related to a larger goal. The point is to get your energy (or Qi) unstuck.

It can bring space, a new perspective, air and breath into your reality. It can get us out of our heads, out of tough emotions we’ve been sitting with for too long, and into the territory where change is possible. 

I know you know how good that feels. Because we have all done this before and immediately felt the relief. But for us sticky types, we have to continue to repeat these unsticking rituals 😂. It’s ok, I’ll do it with you!


Love, Nicole & Adrienne (1)

Nicole MacDonald is the Co-Founder of The Loveliness.
She is a licensed therapist and herbalist, and enthusiast of all things Spiritual. 


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