The 7 Essence Roles - Which one are you?

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According to The Michael Teachings, a channeled system for understanding the human experience, each of us has an innate Essence Role, which is our primary "being-ness." It is through this perspective that we experience our life's lessons.

There are seven roles: Priest, Server, Sage, Artisan, King, Warrior and Scholar.

Our Role is with us throughout the series of lifetimes we experience on Earth. Therefore, it is a very prominent aspect of our Authentic Selves that can give us individual direction for how to best navigate our lives as well as insight into what our true life purpose is about!

Here's a character sketch of each Essence Role:

 girl with face covered with paint represents the artisan role


The job of the Artisan is to create - to bring to the Earth everything that has not existed here prior. They not only bring in 'things' but also moods, new ideas, and different possibilities to consider. Artisans are the most fluid and changeable of all the Roles, which keeps them open to influences from all realms. Earth can be difficult for Artisans though, because of its dense and slow energy.

boy with big red white and blue glasses represents the Sage


Sages are the informers and truth-tellers of the planet. They disseminate information about 'what is going on' to the other Roles and they do expect others to pay attention! Sages love to talk :) and are are the most humorous and playful of all the Roles. They direct others towards enlightenment by showing them that we can grow through our expressive expansion.

girl with halo of light around her head represents a priest or priestess


Priests are innately compassionate, caring and warm. They strive to help others heal and connect emotionally. They are highly spiritual and enthusiastically guide others to access their own spiritual side, often giving a push for others to awaken. 

boy with heart in his hands represents a server


Servers can feel like a special gift to others because of their focus on the care of others' needs and their ability to inspire people. Servers know from deep within themselves that the fastest route to advance spiritually is through 'the path of service'. 

girl with t-shirt that says "The Future" represents a king


Kings naturally seek personal mastery and strive to perfect themselves and their environment. They are naturally charismatic and benevolent leaders and advisors. Thus, they attract great loyalty from others. Kings have a gift for seeing the 'big picture' and know how to lead others. 

a boy busy watering the garden represents a warrior


Warriors have a more practical approach to life than the other roles. If you want someone to organize a plan, persuade others to come along, or defend...well...anything, then you'd do best to call on a Warrior. Warriors are the "doers" on Earth. They express themselves through action and force. 

girl seated in grass reading a book represents a scholar


Scholars are collectors of knowledge, experiential knowledge included. People seek out Scholars for information and for their viewpoints. Over their lifetimes, Scholars collect a wealth of information that they carry with them in their soul. 


Did one of these ROLES have your name written all over it?

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7 Essence Roles and what they look like


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Nicole MacDonald is the Co-Founder of The Loveliness. She is a licensed therapist and herbalist. Of the seven Essence Roles she is a Priestess, always seeking to offer inspiration.


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