How a PINE TREE can free you from MOMMY-GUILT

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My firstborn cried A LOT. My instincts kept me in a state of panic about it for months. I couldn't "just let her cry". So, I walked her, danced her, took car rides, bounced her... I just kept MOVING from sun up to sun down. That was my strategy, since nothing else I tried worked! 

That "mommy-bliss" I'd heard all about sure wasn't happening here.

Unfortunately, my strategy didn't include any downtime for me, not even to go to the bathroom as the need arose!  I would "hold it" until I couldn't any longer and then would use the bathroom while STILL HOLDING and BOUNCING my baby girl. You can imagine how well that worked out...

 {I wonder if that sounds funny now. It sure wasn't then.} 

Why couldn't I just set her down when I needed to? What was the belief that had me acting in such an extreme way? 

The answer....Drum Role Please!

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Yep, Mommy-Guilt

Are you familiar with this special class of Guilt?


Let's look under the hood a little bit on this...

What was the belief I had that was driving me to behave in these extreme ways?

I believed that my baby's behavior - crying, fussing, "complaining", was happening because I was failing to do my job. I actually believed that if I couldn't keep her content that she wouldn't make it in life and I would forever be sad...and guilty. Talk about a heavy burden!

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In an attempt for connection to other moms and stress relief, I joined a Mommy and Baby Yoga class. I think it gave me more anxiety than relaxation because I was still trying to bounce my baby through the poses. I was also worried she would have a meltdown in the middle of class and the embarrassing spotlight would be on me. 

BUT! The universe definitely had my back that day...the yoga instructor, Penny, was also a flower essence practitioner (see description of flower essences here). She happened to mention a few "must have" remedies for babies and young mothers. She shared that ESSENCE OF PINE was the remedy to use for moms who feel guilty about not giving their kids enough care, the right care...OMG, Could an $8 little bottle of spirit water actually help ME?!

Like I said before, I was desperate! And why not try something inexpensive with no possible side effects and no prescription needed? I drove straight to the health food store after class, got a bottle of Pine, took my first dose in the car, while the melody of my baby's cry serenaded me.

The next morning I awoke to my baby crying to tell me that it was time to start the day's routine. I went to her aide without a hurry, without a flood of anxiety. It took a few hours for me to realize that a great shift had occurred. My daughter was still fussing at full throttle, but my response to it had changed. I moved slowly to her aide. I let her cry when I needed to go to the bathroom. Although I was still tired and could become frustrated, I NO LONGER FELT GUILTY!

I realized at a base level that it wasn't my fault that she complained, nor was it my responsibility to keep her in a state of peace. 

She could "do her" and I would stay steady and centered as I attended to her. Ah...

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The essence of PINE cast its energetic blueprint on me. It brought its life force, specializing in the release of extreme levels of responsibility for others. It shifted the imbalanced pattern, the distorted belief I was carrying. It was just what I needed. Pine and I were a perfect match. So it worked quickly and fully.

If you relate to this story, or perhaps are experiencing a sense of guilt in another type of relationship, give Essence of Pine a try. If you'd like to consult with me about another issue you are facing that could be helped by flower essences, go ahead and reach out to me: Ask Nicole a Question.

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Nicole MacDonald is the Co-Founder of The Loveliness. She is a licensed therapist and herbalist, and enthusiast of all things Spiritual. 


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