Channeled Message: How we can lift the world up

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I asked the Spirit Guides what message they would like me to send to the members of our ladybug community.

Their reply was to share the message about "The Rainbow” and "Peace".

{The Guides speak to me in pictures}

The Guides were referring to the division in our world between different “colors” of people - the bias, the hate and the fear that is the root of it all.

I said back to them, “But my readers are all very conscious beings. They aren’t the ones who need this message.”

The Guides replied, "we need to soak the ground”. They explained that even the very conscious still hold some judgement towards others, which can fly under the radar AND that the most insidious judgment is that which we direct TOWARDS OURSELVES. If we can release these, we can influence the Collective. We can help lift everyone up and and heal the planet if we each do that personal work. 

Deep inside those of us who judge others for their "colors" is a part of US that feels unworthy, unlovable and is afraid of being rejected and abandoned. (These fears often get passed along to others as something they should fear, too). We project this fear outwards and onto others because it's too painful to confront within ourselves.

Until that part is healed it will express "hate" towards another or to SELF.

The Guides want you to know that we are all part of the Oneness. That’s the fabric of our physical being - all of our shades, our sexual identities, our age, our size and shape, our innate strengths and challenges, where we come from - and it’s all beautiful. 

How could it be otherwise?

Please take this moment to see where you might hold judgment, if not towards another then towards yourself. Apologize to yourself for how you may have stunted the light that you bring to the world by any harsh criticisms you project outwardly, or inwardly. Affirm your innate worth and beauty as part of the fabric of the Oneness. Forgive yourself now for any past "mistakes" and in this moment expand the light that you express to help lift the world up. 

I’ll do that work alongside you.

Ah, that feels good!

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Nicole MacDonald is the Co-Founder of The Loveliness. She is a licensed therapist and herbalist, and enthusiast of all things Spiritual. 


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