Open Unimaginable Doors by Doing What You Please

Can you sometimes be your own EVIL STEPMOTHER??

"Clean that up!"

"Get back to work!"

"No, you can't go to the ball!"

Somewhere along the way we started to believe that if we want to be "successful" or of any worth, we need to force ourselves to do things we don't want to do. 'Cause if we don't, how will the bills get paid, the groceries get put away or the floors get cleaned? 

The revolutionary truth is, the opposite is true:

When we go ahead and open the door to that which excites us…

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sustancia sustanciaproject GIF by EmiLi

One of the most fascinating and ultimately comforting things about being a therapist is the ongoing “proof” I get that we are all truly connected. 

I witness this sea of togetherness in THEMES.

Most of the time, it becomes obvious that there is a theme of the week - an issue that many of my clients and even I am dealing with AT THE SAME TIME.

The theme this week is DISCOMBOBULATION

 {Fun word - but not a fun state of being}

and, How did it “show up” this week in the therapy room?

It s…

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Mantra: Our Quick Path to Change

Humans are so much more powerful than they know. Most of us think that it's our personal will, pushing against the physical plane to achieve, but in truth our greatest power is accessed through our energetic selves. 

The easiest way to explain this truth-in-action is with the example of MANTRA. 

When I was on bed-rest for FOUR MONTHS with my first daughter because of threatened preterm labor, I was in a difficult state of mind. My Ego was terrified that I would have my baby TOO ear…

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Crow Medicine: Let Crow Show you the Doorway

Crow has been squawking at us lately. What’s he saying? He’s talking to many of us now. Are you listening?

If the majestic and mysterious crow has been visiting you lately he’s trying to get your attention. It’s Important to heed his call.

Crow medicine directs us to what’s beyond the ordinary and mundane, past what’s concrete and obvious.

Crow calls us into the mysteries of our lives for closer viewing. Use your trusted portals (or learn some) to travel beyond the veil for this deeper view. …

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The 4 Obstacles to Pursuing your Dreams

One of the foundational stories in my therapy practice is the story of The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho (PRO tip: If you want to give yourself a most precious gift, let Jeremy Irons read this tale to you in the audio-book). 

Coelho, I believe, was the chosen recipient of a message that was channeled from the Beyond. What poured through him was an allegory that serves as the handrails for following our personal legends. 

The story's protagonist, Santiago the shepard boy, confronts all of the ob…

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Washing the Baby Buddha: The Sacred Tasks of Daily Living

I can get dizzy with all of the daily tasks of living. 

Like, literally, dizzy

I spin around in circles - from the empty toilet paper roll to the change on the floor to yesterday's unpacked bags. 

All while demands are piling up: text message alerts, my children's constant and urgent needs for snacks and the dog who just threw up on the carpet.

Can you relate?

How do you find a place of calm in all of this?

We've all been told to pause and take a deep breath - this helps to queue the n…

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Channeled Message: How we can lift the world up

Happy Summer GIF

I asked the Spirit Guides what message they would like me to send to the members of our ladybug community.

Their reply was to share the message about "The Rainbow” and "Peace".

{The Guides speak to me in pictures}

The Guides were referring to the division in our world between different “colors” of people - the bias, the hate and the fear that is the root of it all.

I said back to them, “But my readers are all very conscious beings. They aren’t the ones who need this message.”

The Guid…

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How a PINE TREE can free you from MOMMY-GUILT

Mothers Day Baby GIF by Hallmark Gold Crown

My firstborn cried A LOT. My instincts kept me in a state of panic about it for months. I couldn't "just let her cry". So, I walked her, danced her, took car rides, bounced her... I just kept MOVING from sun up to sun down. That was my strategy, since nothing else I tried worked! 

That "mommy-bliss" I'd heard all about sure wasn't happening here.

Unfortunately, my strategy didn't include any downtime for me, not even to go to the bathroom as the need arose!  I would "hold it" until I couldn'…

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The Skinny on Flower Essences

Essence of Iris? Essence of Clematis? What does this MEAN?

Did you know that Flower essences can be a personal ally?

Essences can guide you while you work through emotional challenges, make difficult decisions, manifest your desires, and for countless other endeavors you may be working on or through in your life right now.

Here's a little description of Flower Essences and how they work in case you're new to their delicate yet powerful healing properties:

What are flower essences?

Flower es…

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Sinking Qi: When Everything Is Falling Out

 Qi is pronounced like /chi/, same as the words 'cheat' and 'cheap'

Sinking spleen Qi refers to an ENERGY deficiency in the body.

 白熱灯 hacne girl loop fall sleep GIF

{I just love the English translations of some of these TCM patterns!}

Sinking Qi is a diagnostic term in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Two people in my practice came to me this week with this pattern of imbalance. So, I thought I'd share about it in case you or someone you care about might be dealing with this too. 

 These are some of the key symptoms of …

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